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Social Anxiety

What is social anxiety?

It is a core fear of social anxiety is that they will make a mistake or if seen stressed or anxious this will bring negative comments and you will be Judged negatively by others.

People often compare themselves to others jumps to conclusions regarding other people that their life is perfect.


People with social anxiety can suffer with:

  • Experiencing panic attacks due to being overwhelmed

  • Worry about everyday activities such as going out meeting strangers or shopping

  • Feels everyone is looking at them and thinking negative things

  • Avoiding social activities

  • Worried about making a fool of themselves


What causes Social Anxiety?


Causes that may impact include a history of:

  • Emotional, physical, or other kinds of abuse

  • Negative relations with people

  • Over controlling parenting




A – Activating event.

B – Your beliefs about the event. It involves both obvious and underlying thoughts about situations, yourself, and others.

C – Countering negative thoughts “I always act like a fool” counter with “everyone makes mistakes” “people are judging me” counter “ I cant control what people think so I need to let it go.


Over time the person will come to recognise other more rational beliefs therefore having more healthier consequences.


Other useful treatments are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Writing an only positive self-esteem journal

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